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Yoon, A mi


Address:   Busan, Korea,




Tel: +82-10-6861-7618

Exhibition Solo


2015 《夢中相忘_ In dream, forget each other》 Gallery NUDA, Daejeon, Korea
        《Divergent Opinion》BMW Photo Space, Busan, Korea
2014 《Borrowed Story》, Gallery Lux, Seoul, Korea
        《The Love Song》, Gallery NUDA, Daejeon, Korea
2013 《BELT Photograph Print Media Art Competition 2013, Selected by Photography-At Night》,
          Galerie BHAK, Seoul, Korea
2012 《At Night 2》,Gallery Art Sagan, Seoul, Korea
2011 《Busan Culture Foundation Rising Artist-At Night》, Bridge Production, Busan, Korea
        《Rising Artist-At Night》, Gallery Lamer, Seoul, Korea
2010 《Project Room-脫;脫》, Space Bandee, Busan, Korea
2009 《Selected by Space Bandee-脫;脫》, Gallery 4Art, Seongnam, Korea
2008 《Emotion is some pose》, Palette, Busan, Korea

Exhibition Group

2015  《Sparked of stare》, Gyeongnam National University Of Science and technology
         Museum, Jinju, Korea
         《B-Art Market》, abandoned Haeundae Station Busan, Korea
         《Hello, Kyungsung Artist》, Kyungsung University Museum, Busan, Korea
         《The First》 Seoul Art Foundation, Seoul, Korea
         《20/20vision Abroad Interchange Artist Exhibition》, Zurich, Switzerland
2013  《ASYAAF_Asian Students and Young Artists Art Festival》, Seoul Culture Station 284, Seoul, Korea
2012  《in-sight》, Hongik University Museum of Modern Art, Seoul, Korea
         《ASYAAF_Asian Students and Young Artists Art Festival》, Seoul Culture Station 284, Seoul, Korea
2011  《9th Post Photo》, Gong Art Space, Seoul, Korea
          《Mobius strip》, Gallery 789, Beijing, China
          《Seoul Photo Festival -body & Body Scapes》, Gallery Bresson, Seoul, Korea
          《Alice In Mirror Land》, Boda Center Of Visual Art, Seoul Korea
2010  《AW Convention Center-脫;脫》, Gallery AW, Seoul, Korea
          《Financial News Art Vision Award-Invited Modern Artist 11》, Sejong Center for the Performing
          Arts, Seoul, Korea
         《32th New York International Art Expo》, Gallery MIZ, New York, U.S.A
         《3rd Tokyo Ginza Korea Art Festival-Meet Galaxy in Ginza》, Gallery Mireja, Tokyo, Japan
2009 《15th Seoul International Print Photography Art Fair》, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea
         《2nd Private view in New York is the Korea Modern Artists》, Nahrah Gallery of Fort Lee,
         New Jersey, U.S.A
        《ASM Selected Artist Exhibition》, Art Space MITE, Gwangju, Korea
        《AIAF_6st Ansan International Art Fair》, Ansan Arts Center, Ansan, Korea
        《SOAF_4st Seoul Open Art Fair-Emerging Artist Contest》, COEX, Seoul, Korea
2008  《13th Young Photographer, Echo & Vibration》, Ayang Arts Center, Daegu, Korea

         and more



-. Photography, Hongik Graduate  


-. Photography, Kyungsung Univ.



* Magazine


<Photo Dot> -cover artist selection- 2015. August


<Monthly photo> 2014. October

<Digital Photo Magazine VON> 2014. October

<Asia Today May> 2014. Vol.19

<Monthly Photo Dot> 2014. February


<Photo art> -cover artist selection- July, 2012

<Monthly photo> July, 2012

<Photo journal> -cover artist selection- March 2012. No. 77


<Monthly photo> December, 2011

<Photo Plus> 2011 May

<Monthly video> January, 2011



* Works owned Collections: 

   4Art gallery 2009

* Sponsorship works SBS TV

   Drama ‘I am legend‘ 2010


2010 - present

2010 - present

Awards / Honors

2015  Seoul Art Foundation_ 1st Portfolio Exhibition excellence award, Seoul, Korea
2014  Daegu Photo Biennale 2014 portfolio review ENCOUNTER IV 4 selected excellent writer
         The 1st The Society Of Korean Photography excellent photos photo shows 3 selected.
         2nd 'PHAOTIST' selected photo dot. (February)


GOEUN Museum Of Photography / Busan, Korea)

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